Rosie & Dick’s Training Blog April 2019

Introduction to Dickon (Of House Tarly) I get a lot of questions about Dick’s name, so thought I’d start out by explaining how it came about on here – the start of our training blogs!

Dick’s name started out as a Game of Thrones reference. Remember Dickon Tarly, brother of Sam? Noble but a bit dim? That’s where Dick’s name came from. They share the same regal, yet vacant expression…don’t you think?

Dick was a surrendered camp pup. He was rescued by Jenny’s Angels, a charity in Port Augusta, SA. Dick was a timid pup who needed lots of TLC to encourage him out of his shell.

Dickon was covered in scars when he arrived. I suspect he was bullied by the bigger camp dogs. His difficult start in life has made him a bit of a trash can – he eats everything he finds!

Dick would not approach humans or dogs, at first. It’s taken 3 months of rehabilitation to draw out the social chap he is today. As you can see, he finds my car singing therapeutic. Naturally. Voice of an angel!

Introduction to Rosie-Lee (Of House Targaryen) Fortunately, bossy little Rosie was on hand to show Dickon how things are done. Rosie gets plenty of attention because people think she’s cute. They are mistaken. This beagle is smart. She is a master manipulator of the human race.

It wasn’t long before Dick was pushing in for his share of the attention and treats. It’s fascinating how quickly dogs learn from each other. I’ve also wondered if Dick has British heritage, with teeth like that.

Dick will occasionally shut down and roll submissively on his back – a throwback to his past. Usually when he’s caught doing something naughty! His adolescent years will be quite the challenge, if I’m never allowed to yell again..

In our next blog, we’ll discuss some basic training and fun games to start teaching your dog, which are slow progressions into more advanced training.

About Jaime

Jaime is the owner of Rosie & Dick's Pet Retreat. She grew up on a rural farm in England, specialising in the rehabilitation of dogs and horses with behavioural issues. Jaime spent 20yrs as a police officer and is currently obtaining her National Cert IV in Animal Management and Dog Training.
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