Our Services

  • Traditional Dog Boarding
  • ‘Home from Home’ Posh Pooch Boarding
  • Doggy Day Care
  • Pet Chauffeur Service
  • Dog Training – Learning Through Games

Traditional Dog Boarding

The Retreat offers double or triple sized, clean, spacious timber kennels for sleeping at night, so multiple dogs from the same household can share with plenty of room. We take a maximum of 12 dogs at our exclusive Retreat, so it’s pretty peaceful here. And that’s important – because that means no kennel stress for your pooch.

During the day, your pet will be in large, grassy paddocks with the option of having small play groups with other similar sized, similar breeds of dog. Each paddock has lovely, dappled natural shade provided by our huge gum trees all day round, so our guests stay cool on hot days. Each paddock also has a splash pool.

Dick & Andy posing outside one of the six day paddocks – after running the 2km ‘Driveway Dash’

Each dog has a daily snack or treat filled kong plus a Trail Walk around our 40 acres, all included within the daily boarding rate. No hidden extra charges here!

  • Prices from $35 per dog, per calendar day – off peak
  • Please enquire about our multi dog discounts

‘Home from Home’ Posh Pooch Boarding

Our premium and most popular service! Customers tell us the worst part about going away, means sending the pooch to ‘Doggy Prison’, and fretting about them being stuck in a cold, concrete kennel for hours on end, alone and bored.

There’s none of that at Rosie & Dick’s. We get it – you want your buddy to be treated just like they do at home. You want them to sleep inside, get plenty of attention, strokes and treats and have someone to play with. ‘Home from Home’ Boarding is exactly this. They’ll sleep inside the house with us at night, and get to potter about helping us with jobs around the Retreat during the day, in addition to the usual daily Trail Walks and play time sessions with other canine buddies, (if requested).

The Home from Home service

This service is perfect for pooches who need that extra bit of human attention, suffer with separation anxiety, are elderly, have medical conditions or just need a close eye kept on them, during their stay with us.

  • There are limited spaces available for this service
  • Prices start from $40 per dog, per calendar dayoff peak
  • Multi Dog discounts are available

Doggy Day Care

If you’re lucky enough to be in Agnes Water / 1770, you’ll probably be heading out on one of our beautiful Reef cruises or National Park tours. Why not drop the pooch off with us, so they can have their own action packed day at The Retreat?

They’ll spend their day playing with friends in the grassy paddocks, or chilling in the shade under the trees with a kong. We’re sorry to say – they won’t really have time to notice you’re gone!

Optional extras are Trail Walks around The Retreat or an introductory session in Games Training – concept training for calmness and focus.

  • Prices start from $35 per dog per calendar day – off peak
  • Please enquire about our multi dog discounts
  • Optional extras: Trail Walks or Games Training Session

Doggy Chauffeur Service

Heading off early on a tour and need somewhere to park the pooch for the day? Just ask if we can collect for you. Perhaps you’d like to ‘fully indulge’ during a night out with friends? Ask us for a quote on our Chauffeur Service. We can (quietly) drop the pooch back to you once you’re nursing your hangover!

Alternatively, if you’re struggling to get to us during our opening hours, there’s every chance we could come to you for collection and drop off instead.

  • This is an adhoc service, dependent upon availability
  • Prices will fluctuate & are dependent upon demand for that day

Dog Training – through Games!

A new era has dawned in dog training and it is concept training through GAMES!

Hop onto Google and have a look at what the agility and obedience experts are doing with their champion dogs. The answer is playing games to enhance good behaviours and re-direct unwanted ones.

Olympic Agility Champion Lauren Langman and World Agility Champion Susan Garrett, don’t just repeatedly train their dogs to run up the A Frame or go through tunnels. These legends of the training and agility world both teach through games to achieve that laser focus and willingness to please.

So how does that translate to you and the family pooch – when you’re not training champion agility dogs? The answer is that the games work for everyone.

  • Having issues with recall? Let’s play a game of Magic Hands & FUNder
  • Having dramas around food? Ditch the bowl & play Boundary Games
  • Struggling to keep your dog calm? Let’s play Impulse Control games
  • Is the dog towing you down the street? We need Middle, A-B, Tornado
‘Magic Hands’ through a busy dog park – for laser focus

Do you remember why you chose to get a dog? What did you imagine you and the dog would be doing together? Is the reality living up the to dream?

If you are fire fighting daily unwanted behaviours that are causing you stress, don’t suffer in silence. Drop us a line for a free, no obligation consult. It could be as simple as one game, or one concept that sets you back on the right path to having a great relationship with your dog.

The job of the dog trainer is to provide you with the tools, so you can do all of the things you originally planned with your dog; walking calmly through the park with the pram and not have the dog pulling or lunging, taking the dog to the beach and being confident of the recall, have the dog wait calmly on their bed when visitors come to the door, have the dog ignore other dogs when you ask him to do so.

Every training package includes a free initial consult and post course support from your trainer. If you don’t like the idea of a course, you can choose hourly sessions and pay as you go, as and when it suits you.

Finally, dogs are awesome. They live in the present, they love to please us and they’re always ready to change, which makes them eminently trainable. Only humans hang onto the past and are reluctant to change. There is no magic wand waving here, bring a positive attitude and be prepared to change some habits, if you want to achieve your goals!

  • Prices vary – please enquire
  • There are limited spaces available for this service