About Us: Jaime, Rosie & Dick

Rosie-Lee is a bossy little lemon beagle.

She adopted Jaime in 2012 and they’ve been having adventures together ever since.

Rosie’s main joy in life is food & chasing critters.

Rosie’s had heaps of foster brothers and sisters over the years. Jaime is a foster carer, RSPCA volunteer, trainer and rehabilitator for Beagle Rescue Queensland.

The foster kids join us on all our adventures.

‘Pugs’ the Puggle on his first water adventure

Last Christmas, Rosie asked for a new brother and along came Benedict from SA Rescue Group, Jenny’s Angels Rescue Group.

You can visit Jenny’s Angels at: http://www.jennysangelsdogrescue.com

Channelling Yoda on the sand dunes of Port Lincoln, SA

‘Benedict’ became Dick and it suits him perfectly. Dick has passed his basic training, done his snake avoidance and has even trained to be a truffle hunting dog.

After years of travelling with dogs, Jaime decided ‘Pet Friendly Accommodation’ was a misnomer in Australia.

As a dog owner, how can you relax when travelling with your dog, with all the rules!

  • Pets must not be left unattended in accommodation
  • Pets not allowed at camping and caravan sites during peak season
  • Pets must be on leash at all times
  • No safe, secure fencing for pets or off leash areas

That’s not our definition of ‘Pet Friendly’!

Two despondent dogs confined to an unfenced verandah whilst staying at ‘Pet Friendly’ accommodation in WA

At Rosie & Dick’s, our focus is on calm, balanced dogs and a relaxed atmosphere. Your pooch will get plenty of exercise on our acreage, staying cool in summer and cosy in winter.

Jaime has years of experience rehabilitating dogs and horses and is a certified Pro Dog Trainer. She trains using 3 minute games to produce laser focus and a willingness to please in the dog.

So, if your pooch needs a refresher on his basics or some redirection on his bad habits, she’ll ensure he ‘has a ball’ doing it.

See what we did there..?!

Multi dog training in a public dog park to increase focus from distraction:
Dick practising his ‘Wait’ whilst Rosie runs through a chain of commands

Why not bring the human for a tour around The Retreat?

They won’t need to worry about you, once they’ve seen the 5 star accommodation you’ll be in!

We are situated at 420 Murphy Road, Captain Creek, Queensland. North of Bundaberg & south of Gladstone. We’re just 13 minutes from the beautiful coastal town of Agnes Water.

If you’re heading out for a Barrier Reef Tour or off to the National Park, why not park the pooch with us for the day?

Use the Contact Us page for any questions, we’d love to hear from you!

Email us: rosieandick@gmail.com

Find us on facebook at: facebook.com/rosieandick

Or phone us on: (m) 0450 612860